filing my own claim marylandIn District Court -- and keep in mind, this pertains to cases in the state of Maryland only -- there are primarily two types of claims. One is what is known as a small claim. The amount can’t exceed $5,000. The other is a standard civil claim, which can be for up to $30,000. Regardless of which type of claim you're attempting to make, keep reading if you'd like to know "how to file my own claim."

Small Claim Info Available

In small claims that can be for up to $5,000, the rules for presenting your claim are relaxed compared to the rules that you have to follow otherwise. There are brochures at the District Court Clerk’s office which explain how to proceed.  You can also look online at the MDEC or Maryland Electronic Courts website which offers a number of resources including court forms, the People's Law Library, and other aids.

Understanding a Standard Civil Claim

The other type of claim is the standard civil claim. It can be for up to $30,000. For these claims, you have to meet the basic rules of pleadings for filling out your complaint and you also have to follow the rules of procedure, evidence requirements, and the law in proving your case in court. Again, a brochure is available at the District Court Clerk’s office, as well as online at MDEC.

Do I Need Help Filing My Own Claim in District Court?

Some people find that they don’t even want to make a small claim without a Maryland attorney, although a lot of people do it and find that the process really is not intimidating. On the other hand, once you exceed the $5,000 limit and have to file a standard civil claim, the process is definitely trickier. At that point, you really should consider hiring an experienced Maryland attorney to help you through the process.

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