We came in 2011 because we had former lawyers, we had been in prior litigation and it hadn't gone exactly as we had hoped it would have gone.  So we were talking to a mutual acquaintance about that situation and they recommended Bruce Poole and A.J., he knew A.J. and said that he felt that these guys know what they are doing.  They are who you need to go to if you don't want to waste your time and you want to get the value for your money and get the job done.  At that point my husband wasn't ready to move lawyers yet again but we felt we had to do something because we weren't doing very well with how things were.  We felt we needed to remove ourselves from that situation, that area a little bit and get representation from outside the area.  So we came here on that recommendation and met with you and talked with you two and you were very professional and put us at ease.   And the experience too with the fact that Bruce had had a similar case before was helpful and you were very enthusiastic about that whole situation and seeing what you could do for us and that is how we ended up here.

Bruce Poole and A.J. Serafini were both very professional.  If they didn't have an answer to a question immediately, they had one within 24 hours.  They always responded.  They always were good with pleadings and filings.  They went any where we needed them to go, in any jurisdiction, any court of law.  They really approached things by focusing on the details that were important, eliminating a lot of the side details that I had previously been hung up on personally.  Got rid of all that and went straight to the heart of the case and that is what enabled the eventual success.  It took a long time but it is Maryland and it took a long time.

I have used the word professional before and I want to say that but they will go out on a limb to help people and do whatever it is they can possibly do.

I appreciate everything you have done for us and honestly you guys were very calm during some very, very trying times for us, and especially in front of the Maryland Court of Appeals.   There were many times when I felt that my heart was just going to drop out of my body and I didn't think I was going to be able to put another step forward.  A.J. and Bruce helped both of us, not only professionally, but also were very personable with us and getting us through a very trying situation.

Donna W.