I grew up in Hagerstown. I went to North High, and then I went off to college and law school. I started, when I was in law school, doing what they call Moot Court; and then I served in the legislature for 12 years, which is really good because you just have to be up on your feet a lot, and you’ve got to be able to express yourself and in a lot of different ways. I was on the judiciary committee when I was there so I learned a lot about the law and why it changes and why it’s crafted in different directions, but I continued to practice with my father. When he got to a certain age, where he just couldn’t practice anymore, I continued. I’ve now been in Hagerstown for 31 years, but I also practice – we practice – a good bit in the Fredrick courts as well. We’ll go out to Cumberland and sometimes out to Garrett County. We try to handle pretty much all of western Maryland.