Personal Injury is a broad area of the law that includes many different types of civil cases. Whenever a person, group, or other entity negligently or intentionally damages another physically or financially, a personal injury has occurred. Some examples of personal injury cases in Frederick, MD, are: 

A victim of a personal injury is entitled to financial compensation for damages caused by the at-fault party. In most cases, however, the victim (or plaintiff if the case goes to court) does not take action directly against the person responsible for damages. Instead, a personal injury case is likely to start with a claim against the defendant’s insurance company. Most cases are settled out of court, but some do go to trial. The complexity inherent in this system makes the services of an experienced Frederick personal injury lawyer necessary for most victims of a serious injury.

why hire a Frederick personal injury lawyer 5 Reasons to Hire a Frederick Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many reasons to hire a Frederick personal injury lawyer, including the following:

1.They Have Experience Dealing With Insurance Companies

The defendant’s insurance company will likely have a staff of adjusters and attorneys who specialize in disputing or denying claims and offering quick, low settlements to injured victims. They are seasoned experts adept at using specially designed tactics to get you to agree to as little money as possible. In doing so, they keep their company profitable. The average person who is recovering from injuries is no match for these people. Your Frederick personal injury lawyer, however, will:

2.They Have Access to Skilled Investigators

Your Frederick personal injury lawyer can call in expert investigators specializing in different types of personal injuries to gather solid evidence of the at-fault party’s negligence and liability. In some cases, an accident reconstruction specialist might be needed to submit an affidavit or testify on your behalf. A personal injury lawyer works every day with such specialists and other expert witnesses who can strengthen your claim. The insurance company knows this and will take you much more seriously if you have an attorney.

3.They Work on a Contingency-Fee Basis

Most PI attorneys take cases on a contingency-fee basis, and you pay no attorney fees unless or until you win your case. If you win, you will pay your Frederick personal injury lawyer an agreed-upon percentage of your award, along with other fees and costs you’ve agreed to in advance. If you don’t win your case, you pay no attorney fees. This means:

  • Personal injury lawyers take only cases they believe they can win.
  • They are highly motivated to get you the largest settlement/award possible to ensure they get paid a fair fee for their hard work.
  • You pay no money up front.
  • You’re likely to get a significantly higher award with an attorney than without one, so your legal representation should pay for itself and more.

Your Frederick personal injury lawyer will generally offer you a free first consultation to evaluate your case and let you know whether it’s worth pursuing, so you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain by consulting a personal injury lawyer.

4.They Will Reduce Your Stress

Especially when you’re injured, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to handle all that’s required to file and follow through on a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer will:  

  • Fill out confusing legal paperwork
  • Meet all deadlines and follow all required legal procedures involved in a personal injury insurance claim/lawsuit
  • Go up against an insurance company’s adjusters and attorney
  • Gather and organize medical evidence
  • Work to get you as much compensation as you deserve

If you’re trying to recover from injuries and already worried about mounting medical bills and time off work, hiring a Frederick personal injury lawyer can shield you from added stress and pressure that you just don’t need at this difficult time in your life. 

5.They Have Experience Evaluating Claims

Your Frederick personal injury lawyer will assess the monetary value of your claim by:

  • Consulting with your doctors to learn your prognosis
  • Determining what your long-term care needs will cost
  • Putting a dollar value on your pain and suffering
  • Utilizing a complex formula to evaluate the value of your case

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