In this case, the plaintiff was driving towards Frederick on I-70 eastbound during the Covid-19 pandemic.  A semi-tractor trailer came up on the plaintiff's left side and then veered over the center line, clipping the plaintiff's vehicle and sending him airborne.  The plaintiff's car rolled twice before coming to a stop in the grassy median of the interstate.  Concerned regarding Covid, the plaintiff refused the ambulance to the emergency room.  He then visited the ER the following day.   

In the decade prior to the MVA, the plaintiff had been a boxer and had previously suffered a TBI but was able to continue working.  The crash aggravated the TBI and also caused the plaintiff to suffer mid-back and lower back pain and PTSD.  There were significant gaps in the plaintiff's treatment timeline.  

The defendant driver and trucking company denied all liability.  

Key to this case resolving were obtaining the video dash cam and phone records of the defendant and conducting depositions of the corporate designee and safety director for the trucking company.   This is why we emphasize that a true trucking attorney is required.  These cases are not just bigger car crashes.  They are complex and require aggressive action.

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