You should do this as soon as possible if you have been seriously injured. This is the case even in a car wreck, but particularly so for a truck wreck. Here's why: a good truck accident attorney will want to get to the scene of the crash as soon as possible in order to preserve evidence and start to determine how the crash happened, why it happened, and how bad it was. This is essential for a good result later on. If that attorney regularly handles truck crashes, he or she will probably have a relationship with a reconstruction expert. Depending on the situation, the attorney will want to have that reconstruction expert on the site immediately so that as much evidence as possible can be gathered before the truck is moved, other vehicles are moved and  the site is altered. Modern, capable reconstruction experts will often use drones with cameras to photograph and film the crash scene and preserve that information for the trial.

Also, electronic data can make or break you in these cases. That means that everything from electronic control modules, phone and text records, telematics, in cab video, and other recording methods need to be identified and protected. If you wait to see an attorney, that information may be lost by the time the attorney is involved in the case.

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