In most criminal cases, we charge a flat fee which is paid up front, prior to entering into the representation. The amount of the fee is determined on an individual case basis, considering the type of matter (felony or misdemeanor), the time and work required and the resources necessary to effectively represent you. We offer a variety of options for payment, which we can discuss at the time of your consultation.

For personal injury cases, your initial consultation is free.  Representation for an injury case (e.g., auto, truck, motorcycle, and paratransit accidents, traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death cases, flip and fall/premises liability cases, etc.) is by contingency fee agreement.

Workers’ compensation fees are set by Maryland State statute and are usually a percentage of the client’s permanency award.  As the value of the client’s award goes up, the percentage for the attorney’s fee goes down.

Wills and estate planning fees are determined by the attorney on a case-by-case basis depending on the simplicity or complexity of the estate.