I would highly recommend Bruce Poole and team. They take your case and will focus 100%.  When they are on your case there is no other case, there is no personal conflicts with them.  Their personal interest gets pushed to the side.   As I said, I have done personal injury, family, even a housing warranty issue and no matter what the case they put forth all of their efforts in it.  And made me feel more than just a client, I became a friend.  I never felt that I wasn't in their best interest, they looked out for me more than I was looking out for me in certain aspects of the case so yes I would highly recommend.

I would say if you are facing any kind of legal issues that fall within The Poole Law Group's umbrella, you should really look hard into what they offer you.  You could spend a lot of time and lose a lot of money trying to, what you would perceive as saving money would end up hurting you in the long run.   There was nobody that worked on my case that I couldn't talk to, if Bruce wasn't available, Susan was available or Elizabeth, the assistant, and they got me the information quickly, they got me to the doctors I needed to see.  Even after my case was over, I got follow up calls, I got referrals from Bruce Poole for other physical therapists to look at even after my case.  Once you become a client, you will soon become a friend really quick.  They have your best interest.

Nathan S.