I have known Bruce pretty much my whole adult life and never in a professional capacity, more in a personal basis.  When I entered into the suit which was precipitated working through a lot of the State/County agencies and quite frankly not getting anywhere.  I was talking to another friend who also knows Bruce, who used Bruce in a case very dissimilar to mine, but said the key to any law process in getting anything done in the legal system is to get with a firm, or a person who is indigenous to that particular State or County.  And Bruce is that guy and there is no doubt in my mind after working with him.  What I mean by that is, that he was able to, once he heard my case and once he cascaded that throughout the legal chain within the County, I am not going to say it was a slam dunk, but it certainly made things go a lot smoother.  So it was really important to first of all have somebody that made me believe in myself, had the courts and judges that know the veracity of what he says is in fact so.  It was just a matter of the case being heard and we were successful.  So some really good advice from a friend that proved to be true, there really is something to be said for "it's who you know" and how to get things done.  I will say this at all times he treated me professionally, as a friend, was consoling at times when things really got tough.  My recommendation for anybody that is going to go through any sort of a legal scenario any where close to ours, ours was a civil suit, but I have since have heard testimony from other people, personal testimony, from a standpoint that they have been so pleased and I have passed his services on to other folks to as well.  Everyone who has been in contact with him has had success.  That is the key, when you get in one of these things you want to win.

Bruce is a guy that can get things done.  He is somebody you can trust.  He is somebody that is going to tell you if you have a case or if you don't have a case or if anything is real important.  He coached me in some of the areas and advised me in things and to this day from a standpoint of how I look at things both in business and my own life.

Eric H.