My legal experience started in 2006, we didn't come to you guys until 2011.  So I have to say, I tried to tell you guys then, Bruce and A.J., that my legal experience of lawyers is not good.  I don't have much good things to say about them.  You guys really brought that around for me, you are a good group of lawyers.

My law experience has been terrible to say the least, with the way things went in the legal process where I am from.   It hasn't been good, it has upset me a lot and it has made me angry with the legal system.  It took you guys and a lot of patience on your part to get me to come around to do things that needed to be done and I thank you guys for that.  It still doesn't change my opinion about lawyers, just you guys.  I have to say that to your audience out there.  Lawyers are not on the top of my list, you guys are.  I am fortunate to have met you and that is part of life's cycle, bringing people together and doing things and what makes things work all the way around.  That alone, the meeting of you guys and what you got us through.  I don't know where my wife and I would really be right now had we not come to this law firm.  I really don't.

I couldn't have been here had you guys not been successful in our case.   Successful is an understatement of words for what we went through.  As I have said, my experience with lawyers has not been good, except with this law firm.  Fair, honest, not necessarily what I wanted to hear a lot of times but it was the truth.  Because I don't think the legal system is about the truth so much any more.  I think a lot of lawyers, bad lawyers, have given lawyers a bad name for guys like me, just to get paid and I can't say enough for this law firm and the guys involved here.

Pat W.