We had a very serious problem with a business we had purchased because the way the deeds in the development had been written years ago by another law firm. We were doing the best that we could with what we were given; unfortunately, our best wasn’t enough. We were guided to Bruce Poole and AJ Serafini by one of their former clients who we happened to know. Following our engagement of their services in 2011, we were never disappointed. 

They were prompt and professional in their response to any questions or concerns we had, often answering immediately or nearly so, and there was never an issue with filings or appearances on our behalf in multiple courts of law. Our situation was extremely complicated and required superior knowledge of the law regarding real estate as well as civil contracts, as we had already been through multiple litigations with other law firms, and Bruce and AJ were able to discern pertinent information and slice away the minutiae to come up with the best result. Our case ended up in the Maryland Court of Appeals, and their representation of us was stellar. We moved forward with them, and five years later, we still use them for any legal representation we need, including simple wills and trusts. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs a lawyer they can rely on, for any legal help that may be needed.


Patrick and Donna Wallizer, Little Orleans, MD