If you feel like a loved one has had improper care, you may want to know if you have a nursing home abuse case. It’s a difficult questions as to whether that rises to the level of being appropriate for a lawsuit. That’s why we would encourage you to contact the Poole Law Group. We have a number of experts that we work with, and we have quite an area of experience in nursing home abuse cases and we can properly provide you with analysis, opinions, and even some literature as to what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

The Medicare website is very good. It lays out the standards for nursing homes, and it even reports on how the nursing homes in your local area have failed. If you have a question about whether someone has failed in the care for your loved one, you can also contact the state. There are a number of options – really too many to discuss in this short clip – but if you contact the Poole Law Group, we would be happy to go through all those issues with you and provide you with a quality, free consultation.