People ask all the time, “Are car and truck crashes the same in terms of the law and how they’re approached?” The answer is no; it’s for a good reason. Everybody who has a basic driver’s license can drive a car; not everybody can get behind a truck. There’s a real good reason. Trucks are big. They are much bigger, they’re unwieldy, and they can be very dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. So the standards are much higher.

The federal government puts a lot of standards in, the states can put in a lot of standards as to training and expertise for the driver, how long they’re allowed out on the road, how much rest they’re given, how much time there is in between their drives; and you get all that information through what are called log books. Then also, if you can get and expert – we have experts that we use in truck accident reconstruction cases – to get in and get the black box data and get into that data; it will tell you a lot about what the truck was doing prior to the crash, during the crash, and after the crash. It’s all really important.