We have helped generations of clients when they have faced some of the most important moments in their lives.  It’s what we love about going to work.

When there is a lot at stake, there is a lot to know.  Deep knowledge of the law, the facts, the process, the witnesses, the evidence, the opposing party, the opposing attorney, and the judge are all essential to handling the case.

At the Poole Law Group, we take the time to get to know each of these details for your case and only then recommend the best course of action for you.  Within our office, we have a saying that, “Every contested case is to be treated like the heavy-weight championship of the world.  If you are not going to fight, don’t step into the ring.”

We never do anything illegal or unethical but beyond those constraints, if we take your case, we will do everything we can to win for you.  Be sure to check out our results page and our clients' testimonials page, too. 


D. Bruce Poole, Esq.

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