If you have been injured in a personal injury accident due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to money for your injuries. Our dedicated legal team takes the time to get to know every detail of your case, investigating the events thoroughly to determine fault and the extent of your injuries and damages. We have retired police officers to assist as investigators, and licensed nurses under contract to help master every aspect of your claim.

From negotiating with insurance companies to heading to court if necessary, we shoulder your legal burden throughout your proceedings, allowing you to focus on recovering physically and emotionally.


We Know About Pain - A Note from Bruce Poole, Esq.

I know what pain is. I have had fifteen surgeries due to motorcycle and football injuries and I live with pain every day. I have spent my adult life on the receiving end of needles, screws, brackets, scalpels, saws, sutures, medical tests, x-rays and imagery machines, pills, waiting and recovery rooms, and physical therapy – lots and lots of physical therapy. That’s why I take pain and impairment seriously and I make sure that the associates and staff working with me on cases do too.

We don’t take every case. For us to take a case, we have to believe in the client and the client has to believe in us. What’s more, we only take cases where we believe we can get a demonstratively better result for our client than our client can get alone.

If you decide to hire us, and we take your case, it will mean that we believe in you, you believe in us, and we will leave no stone unturned in getting you the best result possible.