Hagerstown, Maryland Criminal Defense AttorneysFor over 32 years, Bruce Poole has represented clients who have found themselves in need of legal representation and proper defense. The lawyers at The Poole Law Group have earned an outstanding reputation for aggressively defending their clients and maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards of practice.

We also know the serious consequences of charges related to alcohol offenses, the potential penalties, the impact on families and employment and the cost. At The Poole Law Group, we aggressively defend these cases, calling on years of skilled practice, knowledge, and experience to devise proper defenses, each tailored narrowly tailored to the specific facts of your case. Our experienced counselors will advise you about the law and a proper defense of your case, but also about the many ways of treating the underlying substance abuse issues that may exist.

Civil trial work can involve all types of disputes—-based in contracts, businesses, real estate or other areas—-that are headed to court.  It is essential that you know what the law is and understand how best to approach the case, within the budget you have. We take great pride in helping our clients through the toughest of times and figuring out the best approach for each problem.

Our defense attorneys work diligently to know you and your case; we adhere to the maxim that preparation is everything.