People often ask me, “What is the most satisfying or fulfilling case that I have had?” Remarkably, it was in my first year out of law school – my first year working with Bruce. We had a case involving a woman who was seriously injured (had a traumatic brain injury) after she was rear-ended by a large truck. The insurance company did not take the claim seriously. Unfortunately, this woman had thousands of bouts of vertigo and other issues. Her life was completely changed and she could no longer perform her duties at work – where she had always been a quality employee. The insurance company hired an expert who was a professional expert paid millions of dollars to testify on their behalf annually. They only offered the client $50,000 prior to going to court, and were convinced that Bruce and myself would not be able to put this case together in a way that would achieve any great success.

We went to trial. It was an absolute dog fight. We really fought on behalf of our client who we had come to know very, very well. Going through a multiple year case with a client, they almost become like a family member. We get to know everything about their life.  In fact, a lot of things we probably know better than them. We know about their medical record. We know how difficult it has been for them. We told our client’s story during a multiple day trial and were able to achieve a 2.3 million dollar judgment in our client’s favor – one of the largest judgments in Western Maryland. We are very proud of that result and stand by that today.