The quick answer is call the adjuster back if you are able.  Be polite, but don’t get into the details of your case until you have decided whether or not to hire an attorney. Also, know that the adjuster may be taping your conversation; in Maryland, they must get your permission first in order to do this. The adjuster may be calling to exchange information, give you a contact for making your claims, advise you about how to make a claim for your vehicle loss, or other reasons. So, the adjuster could be helpful. Again, however, if you’re going to use an attorney, you really should speak with the attorney first. Typically, if we have clients hire us in these circumstances, we then contact the adjuster for the defendant and relay any information back to the client.  

If the adjuster asks for a statement or your recorded description of what happened, think twice about doing so without an attorney to advise you.  There are several reasons for this.  You might not understand the questions. There might be lack of clarity in your mind or you might be under prescription meds that have your thinking off. You can say something—completely inadvertently—that really messes your case up. 

See also our videos "Do Not Make These Mistakes After a Crash" and "What To Do Right After a Crash".  If you've been in a truck crash, see our specific instructions on what to do right away, as well as our video, as trucking accidents are decidely different than car accidents.