written and recorded statements after a Hagerstown car accidentIf you've been in a wreck, the situation is pretty chaotic. However, to the extent you can, getting written and recorded statements after an auto accident are of the utmost importance. Here are a couple suggestions on what to do right away from our experienced Hagerstown car accident lawyer.

4 Tips to Get Written and Recorded Statements After a Hagerstown Auto Accident

a) If the police or State Troopers are present, cooperate with them and give them a statement that is specific as to how the accident occurred and what the other driver or drivers did to cause the accident; 

b) If witnesses are present, get their names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., and, ideally, ask them if you can record a brief statement on your phone as to what they saw as to how the crash happened, what each person or car was doing, how bad the impact was, and what any of the people involved in the crash had to say right after the accident.  While you are at it, take photos of every vehicle involved in the crash to show the damage that was done.  Be sure to take photos of the scene and particularly any road debris or tire marks, road signs, etc.  This step will be very helpful for your Hagerstown car accident lawyer as he attempts to help you recover compensation for damages.

c) If you talk to the other driver, be polite, but be sure to exchange information so you can get that person's identity and contact information to include the registration number for the car, its make and model, and the license plate number.  Written and recorded statements of anything the driver says about how he or she thinks the crash occurred. Make sure you find out which company or companies insure the other person's car.  If that person has an insurance agent, write down the agent's name and telephone number, too.

d) If your accident was caused by a truck, it is important you understand the differences in the handling of truck crashes versus auto crashes and that you hire an experienced Hagerstown truck accident attorney who has handled several truck trials (and not pennies on the dollar settlements).  

What if My Injuries Aren't That Bad?

If you are not injured seriously, thank your lucky stars and try to work through the claim with the opposing party's insurance agent and adjuster.  However, before you reach out to them, please view our video on "Do Not Make These Mistakes After a Crash" and then review our FAQs page for answers to topics such as an inaccurate police reportwhen the insurance company wants to settle for your vehicle, and more. 

Contact Our Experienced Hagerstown Car Accident Lawyer Today!

If you are injured enough that you will need to miss work, have surgery, or have significant medical bills, look to see an experienced Hagerstown car accident lawyer who handles these types of cases.  Do NOT delay --- time is not on your side.  Also, many times car crash victims will begin to experience aches and pains, bruising, and other indicators of injury 12 to 36 hours after an accident.  As soon as you experience any such symptoms, either head back in immediately to the local emergency room or your family physician.  

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