Answers to Your Most Common Questions About Personal Injury and Other Legal Issues

It’s natural to have many questions when facing any type of legal case, especially those related to accidents and personal injury. It can be difficult to know where to find the relevant, reliable answers to those questions. The lawyers at The Poole Law Group offer their thoughts on many of the most common questions to help you learn more about your rights and ensure that you achieve the best legal result possible.

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  • I was stopped for DUI/DWI and the police took my driver’s license. What happens now?

    In most cases, the police will issue a temporary license, good for 45 days, pending a notice of suspension from the MVA. On the back of your temporary license, there is a form which can be submitted to request a hearing on the proposed suspension of your driver’s license. To request an appeal, you must send in the form with the appeal fee within the time indicated, otherwise you risk having your license and driving privileges suspended.

    We can help you request the appeal as well prepare and represent you at the hearing to protect your driving privileges.

  • I have been issued traffic citations, some of which indicate payable fines. Should I pay them?

    Not until you have spoken with an attorney to determine your rights and obligations. While there is often a benefit to paying the fine and eliminating the citation, there may be other consequences which affect the non-payable citations.

    We can help you determine whether paying the fines ahead of time is in your best interests.

  • I have been arrested, but the State has not charged me with a crime yet. What should I do?

    You should think about speaking with an attorney. Often times, an attorney can establish a dialogue with the prosecutor early in the process and convince them not to file some or all of the choices. Once charges have been filed, your position will change and it becomes more difficult to get them dismissed.

    The attorneys at The Poole Law Group have the knowledge and experience to communicate directly with prosecutor on your behalf and negotiate a favorable outcome.

  • The police have asked if they can search me (or my car or house). Should I let them?

    If the police are asking, you should refuse. Consenting to a search may allow the police to find something they can use against you later. If you refuse and they search anyway, your attorney may be able to challenge the use of any evidence obtained through the improper search.

    People often feel the urge to comply with the police, or think that they cannot say “no”. If the police are asking, you should politely refuse.

  • What should I do if the police come to arrest me?

    Do not physically resist them. Be polite and provide your identifying information. Do not talk about your case, despite what the police may tell you. Ask to speak with your attorney.

  • What is Personal Injury?

    Personal injury is defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as:

    • an injury affecting one’s physical and mental person as contrasted with one causing damage to one’s property; or
    • an injury giving rise to a personal action at law.

    Personal injury encompasses such matters as car accidents, construction accidents, assault and/or battery resulting in injury, medical malpractice, dog bites, asbestos exposure/mesothelioma, birth defects, product liability, wrongful death, truck accidents, pharmacy mistakes, nursing home abuse and neglect, railroad claims, brain injuries, birth injuries. That is to say that any injury caused through no fault of your own would qualify as a personal injury.

    At The Poole Law Group,  the majority of our personal injury cases are from car accidents. We have also represented a number of people who have been injured from a fall due to a slip or trip. Usually, these falls take place at a store or business where an area has been left in an unsafe or hazardous condition. Though these cases make up the majority of our practice, we have handled many other personal injury cases involving all sorts of matters.

    Regardless of the nature of the injury, if you have been injured through no fault of your own, The Poole Law Group, Personal Injury Practice is here to help you. Even if you have suffered a personal injury that we may not handle, we will be able to refer you to a top firm in the state to handle your case. Bruce Poole has quality connections throughout the state from his nearly three decades of practice; his years in Annapolis as a Delegate; and his current service on the board for the University of Maryland Medical Systems and University of Maryland Shock Trauma.

    The Poole Law Group, is headquartered in Hagerstown, MD, serves victims of personal injury cases all over Western Maryland, including Washington County, Frederick, and Cumberland. We have also been called upon to successfully handle cases in Baltimore City, the Eastern Shore, and across the state of Maryland.