Family LawThe Poole Law Group delivers the caring and experienced support your family needs. We are, each of us, keenly aware through years of representing clients through divorce and custody proceedings, just how difficult these times in a person’s life can be.

We are committed to effectively and loyally representing our clients’ best interests. Often this will require considering the interests of children, other family members, and colleagues such as business partners, where interaction among these parties may continue for years beyond the matrimonial dispute. For these reasons, our attorneys are committed to what’s often called “constructive advocacy,” meaning that we approach resolving difficult family issues with a counseling, problem-solving approach. We encourage our clients to consider their issues and disputes with an eye toward their own well being and that of their children, and as much as possible toward maintaining or recovering peace and economic stability in the family.

We often find that our clients’ interests can be most optimally advanced through knowledgeable and respectful representation in negotiation and mediation. In these processes, we consult with and educate clients to provide for an informed decision-making process. This approach is the one that most often results in agreements with which the parties are most satisfied and are most likely to be honored by the parties as time passes.

At times, however, agreements are not forthcoming and litigation becomes a necessary option. Litigation is often more expensive and emotionally taxing than negotiation and mediation. As a result, we strive to help clients develop realistic objectives and attain those goals with the least impact on the family. Our attorneys are experienced in litigating family law matters, and it is that experience that convinces us that these disputes almost always require complex trade-offs, and as such the parties are in better positions than a judge to decide on an outcome that provides for the individual needs and circumstances of the parties.

We believe communication is the key to a productive attorney-client relationship. We treat all clients with respect, and we expect our clients to ask for and receive complete information to aid in the decision-making process. Our attorneys routinely attend continuing legal education programs and cultivate broad legal knowledge with which we seek to educate clients. We routinely provide copies of all correspondence and court pleadings, and strive to make ourselves available for phone calls and client conferences, so that clients have confidence in the advice they receive and in the lawyer’s legal and tactical decisions.

We expect our clients to take a vested interest in their cases and, with our support, to assist in preparation for negotiation, mediation or litigation. Where outside assistance is required, our attorneys work with a broad range of allied professionals like accountants, financial advisors and mental health professionals. We expect our clients to be forthcoming with us and to follow our advice regarding such things as mandatory financial disclosures, discovery compliance, and the like.

We will advise our clients about how the best interests of children are typically served, about what can be developmentally beneficial or detrimental to children in custody cases, and about the destructiveness of asserting custody rights as leverage toward attaining other, especially financial, goals.

We believe the fees we charge are fair for the work we do. Our collective experience helps us streamline your case and helps you allocate your legal costs more efficiently. We expect our clients to focus on their own goals and interests and to manage the cost of their case by not unreasonably taking positions that will be rejected out of hand in negotiations or upon application to a court.

Lastly, but most importantly, we believe in our ability to advise and represent you well and respectfully in your family law matter.